Food Focus: brown rice Triscuits



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABrown rice.  Healthy, right?  So when I saw an ad for Brown Rice Triscuits, I was intrigued enough to buy 3 boxes, for research purposes.

Using brown rice is a very clever way to give your product a health halo.  Using brown rice plus red beans or sweet potatoes?  Health Halo Jackpot!

In truth, I was disappointed that these Triscuits weren’t really any different from regular Triscuits.

  • slightly more calories: 130 per oz compared to 120 for regular
  • slightly more fat: 4.5 grams per oz compared to 4 for regular
  • less fiber:  Now this is surprising, considering brown rice is the first ingredient.  But regular Triscuits have 3 grams per serving, while the brown rice varieties have just 1-2.
  • less protein: 2 grams per serving vs. 3 grams for regular
  • less sodium:  Well that’s something, although the different isn’t significant.  Regular Triscuits have 130 mg per serving.  The brown rice varieties range from 85 to 130 mg/serving.   Another surprise: regular Triscuits have more potassium.
Some of the new brown rice Triscuit varieties photo: Donna P Feldman

Some of the new brown rice Triscuit varieties
photo: Donna P Feldman

They do taste good, with distinctly Asian flavors.  So if you’re looking for something new in the cracker department, you might give these a try.  Just keep in mind, it could be too easy to eat too many, and you won’t be doing yourself any particular nutrition favors compared to regular Triscuits.  If you want the health benefits of brown rice, eat brown rice.


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