Cheesecake Factory calories

almost 900 calories photo: Donna P Feldman

almost 900 calories
photo: Donna P Feldman




To kick off Calorie Spotting on Radio Nutrition, what better food to discuss than Cheesecake Factory cheesecake?  The Cheesecake Factory has been notoriously unhelpful about providing calorie information to consumers.  Unlike the vast majority of chain restaurants, there’s no calorie or nutrition information on the website.  Eventually, when the FDA calorie count mandate kicks in, this will have to change.  Meanwhile we have to get out our food scales and calorie calculators.

Which is exactly what I did.  Cheesecake recipes may vary slightly, but there are key ingredients and they have to be present in critical ratios for a cheesecake to come out right.  Cheesecake is made with eggs, cream cheese, sugar and usually sour cream.  Here’s how the calorie calculation goes:

  • Buy a piece of Cheesecake Factory cheesecake.  In this case, one piece of classic and one of Godiva chocolate.  The pieces are 1/12th of a 10 inch cheesecake.
  • Weigh each slice
  • Using the USDA food database, calculate the calories per slice.  But the USDA database doesn’t include Godiva Chocolate cheesecake.  In this case, I found a recipe on the Godiva website and calculated from there.  Again, it may not be the exact recipe used by The Cheesecake Factory, but it will be close.
Flavor                  Weight of slice        Calculated calories
Plain                       204 grams              650
Godiva Chocolate            240 grams              878
about as low calorie as you get for cheesecake photo: Donna P Feldman

about as low calorie as you get for cheesecake
photo: Donna P Feldman

And this didn’t include whipped cream!  Add another 200 for that.  The chocolate cheesecake came out substantially higher because the slice weighed almost 20% more.

The “lite” cheesecakes are likely to be lower calorie, so if your idea of a treat is to eat a huge piece of tasteless lite cheesecake, enjoy.  If you’d rather enjoy the real thing, it’s hard to justify a whole piece of cheesecake, especially if you just ate an entire meal.  So you have two options:

  1. Share.  Preferable with 3 other people.  Keep in mind, the more flavors and toppings added, the higher the calories.
  2. Forget dinner.  Just eat cheesecake.  Granted this isn’t a great option, certainly not on a daily basis, or even monthly basis.  For all those calories, cheesecake isn’t particularly high in anything else of nutritional value, unless you’re deficient in calories or fat.  And most people aren’t.

By the way, in case you ran across, this site does not appear to have any connection to the actual Cheesecake Factory.  I have no idea where those numbers came from.  Every food is given as a 1 gram serving (utter nonsense), yet large calorie accounts are associated with most of them.  Trust me, 1 gram of cheesecake does not have 1000 calories.  Pure fat only has 9 calories per gram.

NOTE: no cheesecakes were harmed, tasted or devoured during this photo session.

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