Food Focus – Dave’s Killer Bread



I came across Dave’s Killer Bread while browsing the supermarket shelves last month.  At the time, I thought my search for something delicious and healthy in the bread aisle was going to end in failure, so Dave’s turned out to be a nice surprise.  I’ve tried several of the varieties since then, although not any of the “light” varieties.

photo: Donna P Feldman

photo: Donna P Feldman

Dave has an interesting back story, but he seems to be onto something good here.  It’s definitely not for anyone who thinks “whole grain” means limp white flour bread with a dash of food coloring to make it look darker.  This is some serious whole grain bread, not to mention loaded with seeds inside and out.

The best use might be for toast; toasting brings out the hearty flavors.  Another good use: PB & J sandwiches (or your nut butter of choice).  Use it for a turkey-avocado sandwich, or grilled cheese made with with some thin slices of Havarti or goat cheese and sliced apples or pears.

Dave’s breads contain omega-3 fats, courtesy of the flax seed content.  Thanks to the whole grains, there’s loads of fiber and significant amounts of B-vitamins and minerals like magnesium and iron.  Unless you plan to eat the whole loaf in one or two days, I’d recommend keeping it in the refrigerator or even the freezer, if you just use it for toast.  It’s not cheap, so don’t let your loaf sit around for days, potentially spoiling.

And is it really expensive?  A loaf costs about as much as your average 16 oz mocha latte.  And you get a whole lot more nutrition spread out over several days than you get from that morning latte.  Right now Dave’s Killer Breads are only available in grocery stores in Western states, but if you live elsewhere, you can order online.

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