Food Focus: radishes




Radishes aren’t going to make anyone’s list of top sources of nutrients, unless you’re looking for water.  They’re 95% water, and consequently extremely low calorie.  One average radish has 1 calorie.  A cup of radish slices might have 20 calories.  If you eat enough of them, they’re a decent source of vitamin C and potassium.

super low calorie with zesty flavor photo: Donna P Feldman

super low calorie with zesty flavor
photo: Donna P Feldman

What radishes do have is a unique flavor — zesty and sharp, slightly bitter.  They’re crunchy and refreshing and, thanks to the high water content, can be very filling.  And that makes for an ideal snack or appetizer.  The zingy flavor can turn your tastebuds off to any desire for sweets.  They’re so low calorie that you can eat quite a few.  At which point you’re so full you lose interest in other higher calorie foods.  They’re also pretty indestructible, not messy and easy to pack with lunch or for an afternoon snack.

Or if calories aren’t an issue, try eating radishes the French way.  In this video, Jacques Pepin, renowned French chef, describes his favorite traditional way to eat radishes: split a whole radish part way, insert a slice of butter, dip the whole thing in salt and Bon Appetit!  That actually sounds very intriguing, but probably not on a daily basis.  Another radish + butter idea is braised radishes.

But if you’d like to just enjoy the zesty extremely-low-calorie flavor of raw radishes, eat them for snacks, add them to salads or use radish chunks for dipping.


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