Junk food connection to mood and acne

Junk food worsens a bad mood: Do you reach for junk food when you’re feeling down?  It’s conventional wisdom that people self-medicate with junk food to boost mood, but new research suggests that doesn’t work.  In a recent study, eating junk food increased women’s bad mood indicators.

Does diet cause acne?  A recent review of diet-acne research led some experts to conclude that there may be a connection between acne and a highly processed, low fiber high sugar diet.  Other research suggests that acne has a lot to do with bacteria on skin, and that certain strains of good bacteria keep the acne-causing bacteria in check.  Can diet influence skin bacteria?  That’s not known.  But it can’t hurt to avoid the junky processed food diet that is linked to pimples.

Sugar and salt are being blamed for excess deaths.  One survey claims180,000 excess deaths are caused by sugary drinks every year, while another blames excess deaths on high salt intakes.  Both claims are based on the false premise that association equals causation.  It’s interesting to note that one of the countries with supposed high number of deaths caused by salt is Russia, where alcoholism is rampant.  Meanwhile Asian countries like Japan, with high sodium intake are actually healthier.  It’s the whole diet, and in Japan that includes lots of vegetables and fish, less sugar and healthier fats.

Today is World Water Day.  Water is a nutrient, and clean water is critical to life and health.  Water should be the first choice when you’re thirsty, and makes a good accompaniment for meals.

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