Interview with Jen Brewer RD author of ‘Stop Dieting and Start Losing Weight’

Stop-Dieting-and-Start-Losing-Weight_cover2-225x300Diet is truly a 4 letter word, conjuring images of tasteless food in tiny portions, hunger and maybe (if you’re lucky) some weight loss.  No one thinks of a diet as a permanent change.  Diets are temporary, followed by a return to the old weight-gaining eating habits.  Nutrition professionals have abandoned the idea of temporary diets, in favor of healthy eating.  Registered Dietitian Jen Brewer is one of those experts, and the title of her book, Stop Dieting and Start Losing Weight, sums up the idea that true weight management depends on adopting a permanent healthy diet, not on following a short term fad diet.

I spoke with Jen Brewer recently about the healthy lifestyle system described in her book.   As she notes, the principles of weight management are familiar to everyone: balancing energy intake from food with energy output, getting daily exercise and sufficient sleep.  But how to accomplish those goals?   Brewer’s book outlines a set of 25 distinct tools to help the reader develop good habits.  Readers are encouraged to pick the tools that seem best suited to their lives.

In the interview, Brewer talks about the tools she feels are key, and we also discuss tools her clients named as important to them.  Popular tools include Schedule Exercise and Slendersize, which refers to portion control.  Another popular tool is using the buddy system.

While ‘Stop Dieting and Start Losing Weight‘ is about food and eating, the reader isn’t bombarded with advice on eating this much protein and that much fiber and so many calories or grams of fat.  The tools are more about food management than memorizing nutrition facts.  The book includes handy charts that allow readers to track their diet by simply tracking servings from different food groups.  There are food group charts for different calorie levels.  All you have to do is check off when you’ve eaten a serving from one of the groups.

Brewer’s book is about making permanent manageable changes so you can move away from diet failure and towards a life of healthy eating and healthier weight.  You can buy Stop Dieting and Start Losing Weight online from Amazon and other vendors, and a Kindle version is now available.

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