6 nutrition things to know

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    mostly water
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    According to a talk at the recent International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition, vegans have lower green house gas emissions.  Now that sounds awkward.  Actually it’s about the environmental impact of food choices.  More carbon-based fuels are used for meat and dairy production.  Vegans don’t consume those foods, so the carbon emissions of a vegan diet are about 42% lower.  No word on the intestinal gas emissions though.

  2. High fructose corn syrup starts out as 100% glucose.  It’s processed to increase the fructose content to roughly 50%.  Fructose tastes sweeter than glucose, so less syrup can be used in a food to achieve the same level of sweet taste.
  3. The vegetable with the highest water content is iceberg lettuce.  It’s over 95% water, which probably explains why it has so few nutrients.
  4. Cooked navy beans are the highest fiber bean.  They’re typically used to make baked beans.
  5. Chocolate may not cause acne, but a sugary low fiber diet, full of processed foods might, according to new research.  It’s just another good reason to ditch the junk food diet.
  6. Average intake of added sugar is 21 tsp per day.  That’s 7 Tablespoons, almost 1/2 cup!  Where do we get most of our added sugar?  Drinks and desserts:
  • Soft drinks/sports drinks
  • sugary bakery products like cakes, cookies and pastries
  • fruit drinks
  • frozen dairy desserts
  • candy
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