Food Focus: Sumo tangerines

photo: Donna P Feldman

photo: Donna P Feldman




It’s been a disappointing year for fresh oranges at the local grocery store.  The quality has been very unpredictable.  But all is not lost for citrus fruit.  Sumo tangerines are in season, and they’re reliably juicy and sweet.

I first tried Sumo tangerines a year ago, when they turned at the local grocery store in February.  They were fabulous, but they disappeared quickly from the produce aisle once the season was over.  Now they’re back, and wonderful as ever.

Sumo tangerines were originally bred in Japan, to be sweet and easy to peel.  They’re also seedless, and have a unique shape and appearance.  Sumo tangerines are a uniform size, and have around 120 calories, based on my calculations.  They’re so big you could easily share one and feel like you ate plenty.   Like other citrus fruits, they’re high in vitamin C, folate, potassium, vitamin A and fiber.  But unlike other citrus fruits, they’re not so acidic.

Sumo tangerines make a great snack for kids and adults.  Add to a fruit salad — they’d be great with fresh pears or raspberries.  You could also use chopped Sumos in a spinach salad, or in a salsa or relish to be served with fish.

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