Nutrition Oscars

Used with permission by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Used with permission by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Oscar buzz is in the air, with the Academy Awards this weekend.  So just for fun, I’m handing out my own Nutrition Oscars:

Best Vegetable: greens

Best Protein: eggs

Best Probiotic Food: yogurt

Best Diet: Mediterranean Diet

Best Nutrition Blog: Radio Nutrition of course!

Best New Healthy Cuisine: Korean. I’m especially intrigued by the probiotic possibilities of kimchi.  Check out The Kimchi Chronicles for beautiful food.

Best Fruit: grapefruit

Best Supporting Side Dish: roasted brussels sprouts

Best Performance by a diet aid: exercise

Best Performance by a Supplement: quality omega-3, such as Nordic Naturals and others with the omega-3 in triglyceride form

Best Fiber: whatever is in fresh raw vegetables and fruit.

Best Calories: vegetable bean soup

Best Salad Dressing: olive oil vinaigrette

Best TV Show Food: Downton Abbey.  While the upstairs crowd may be served multiple courses of rich food, they take small portions.  There was no obesity epidemic 100 years ago.

Best Beverage: water.

And not to be outdone by the anti-Oscar Razzies, we have:

Worst Performance by a Beverage: Vitamin Water

Worst Food Product Category: energy drinks or bars

Worst fiber: inulin added to everything to create a Health Halo

Worst Diet: Gluten-Free, as hijacked by people won’t don’t need it

Worst Performance by a Breakfast food: sugary “breakfast” bars with frosting and candy pieces

Worst Protein: anything powdered and extracted from a natural food source like fish, soy or dairy, at considerable environmental expense.

Worst Supplement: mega dose vitamin C.  Who exactly is still buying these?

Worst Health Halo food: margarine

Worst Performance by a diet aid: raspberry ketones

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