mmm, breakfast (photo by Donna Feldman)

Many years ago, I planted raspberries, dug from a friend’s back yard.  It’s a heirloom variety, and they ripen much sooner than other commercial raspberries.  So lately I can head out to the garden in the morning and eat a few handfuls of raspberries right off the bush.  Fresh raspberries are slightly sweet, not too acid, with that mellow fruity flavor unique to raspberries.  They may also have so-called raspberry ketones touted by Dr. Oz and his friends lately, as miracle weight loss drugs.  I don’t care.  It’s a sad commentary the American obsession with extracting random food components and packaging the stuff in pills, instead of just eating the actual food.

Raspberries, the actual food, have a lot going on nutritionally:

  • fiber
  • vitamin C
  • low calorie
  • B vitamins and various minerals
  • antioxidants

They’re pretty fragile, so cooking tends to turn them in to liquid.  Raspberry pie isn’t high on anyone’s list of favorites, although raspberry jam made with a thickener like pectin works fine.  But the best use is fresh, in fruit salad, on yoghurt, on cereal, on waffles or pancakes, or just by the handful.  So by all means, forget the pills and enjoy some real fresh raspberries this summer .

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