‘Blending Science with Spices’ – author interview with Gita Patel MS RD

If you think Indian food is all about curry powder and ghee, think again.  Indian spices turn plant foods into delicious meals, but it can sound complicated and intimidating to inexperienced cooks.  Registered dietitian Gita Patel is out to change that image, and her book “Blending Science with Spices” gives the reader many health reasons for using more spices, along with recipes to make cooking easy and convenient.

Patel, who is a Certified Diabetes Educator, originally got the idea for her book from her private clients.  They were overwhelmed with sheets of paper with recipes and instructions, and suggested she compile it all in a book.  As she puts it, she too was overwhelmed with sheets of paper, so she turned them into a book.

There are lots of health benefits from this kind of cooking:

  • switch to a more plant-based diet, which is higher in nutrients and fiber and lower in fat and sodium
  • increased intake of many of the different spices, which have their own health benefits and antioxidant properties
  • lower calorie intake, especially when using the recipes that are designated as lower calorie

Indian cuisine can seem complicated, and Patel has set up the recipes to highlight quick simple ones that you can prepare quickly, making ingredient substitutions as necessary.  The recipes are mostly vegan, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add meat to some if you like.

One point I especially appreciated: using intense blends of spices makes the food so flavorful,  you can eliminate or cut back on salt, fat and added sugars, which cuts calories and improves health.  I personally love Indian cuisine, and these recipes truly are easy to follow, and turn simple plant foods into flavor powerhouses.  You can buy Blending Science with Spices at Patel’s website FeedingHealth.com, or at Amazon.

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