March 14th: Registered Dietitian Day

Today is Registered Dietitian Day, part of National Nutrition Month.  In honor of that, I solicited input from a group of colleagues recently.  My question to them was:

What is your own personal 4 Food Group list?

Now, the official 4 Food Group concept is long gone, replaced by the Pyramid, which was just replaced by My Plate (which, ironically, has 4 food groups on the plate).  But the mythical 4 Food Groups lives on in as a form of self expression and occasional satire.  A friend, who is also an RD, always describes the 4 food groups as chocolate, coffee, sugar and alcohol.  Some of the answers I got from fellow RDs were similarly funny, some were more earnest.  So with that in mind, here are the lists, unedited, but with names removed for the sake of professional credibility:

  1. Starbucks French or Italian roast (extra bold coffee); pasta, pasta, pasta (whole wheat and other); olive oil; garlic; fresh mozzarella cheese (Whoops, that’s 5, but these are my ESSENTIALS!)
  2. When I worked in an office, we’d say what we were giving up for Lent.  One year I announced meat, sweets, pizza and cheese to which a secretary remarked “You just named the four major food groups.  What are you going to eat?”
  3. My husband tells everyone that ever since I became an RD, our diet has been reduced to “oats, weeds, fruit, and seeds.”
  4. Chocolate, sweet potatoes, beans, and cheese.
  5. Green tea, popcorn, cheese (goat, smoked mozz, herbed feta), and legumes.
  6. Fruit, nuts, veggies, legumes
  7. Vegetables, hummus, water , coffee.
  8. Dark chocolate, peanut butter, super strong coffee and dry red wine. I always jest that if I did not have good portion control skills, I’d be a hyperactive, fat drunk.
  9. My boyfriend would report that my food groups consist of unidentifiable bags of grains, nuts, kale and dark chocolate.
  10. Kale, salmon, hugs, chocolate.
  11. Coffee, bread, cheese and wine. I’d fit fruit in as fifth!
  12. 4 things I need often or I would be cranky: chocolate, dairy, cereals, and fruit (in that order)
  13. Salad, coffee, nuts, oregano (OK, I know it’s an herb but I put it into almost everything)
  14. Fried chicken, french fries, pizza, other (other is fruits, vegetables, dairy, lean meats, fish, whole grains)
  15. Coffee, chocolate, cheese, wine.  In descending order…. Does this say anything about us?
  16. Cheese, wine, nuts, fruit (or if I get a fifth – salad)
  17. My (family member) is a police officer and got me a t-shirt that said: The Four Basic Food Groups of Police Officers- Glazed, Powdered, Jelly, and Chocolate frosted!
  18. Oatmeal, hummus, eggs and vodka.
  19. Cream of wheat, wheat berries, Greek yogurt (with almonds and mini dark chic chips), and peanut butter.
  20. Mine change with the season – right now: tangelos, scallops, caramel and peanut butter
  21. Peanut butter, yogurt, nuts, and hummus for me!
  22. My personal choices are chocolate, chocolate with nuts, chocolate with fruit & nuts and chocolate with peanut butter.
  23. All types of yogurt, chicken, string beans, all types of coffee
  24. Oatmeal, Greek yogurt, fish and salad.
  25. Greens, Beans, Nuts/Seeds, Dark Chocolate (and wine, too!)
  26. Dairy (ice cream, milk, cheese and yogurt), grains (pizza crust, breakfast cereal, oatmeal), fruit (wine, fresh fruit…and does Swedish Fish count?), dessert (it’s a must!)
  27. Eggs, bread, cheese, wine (and avocados, if I get 5!).

My list: coffee, bread, salad and chocolate.  In fact, chocolate seems to be a running theme here.  Don’t be surprised if you consult with an RD about your diet, and you get a recommendation to eat more chocolate.

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