The Gluten Free Diet – interview with author Shelley Case, RD

Gluten-free wasn’t always a popular and well known diet.  Before all the hoopla began, it was known only to those few people diagnosed with celiac disease, unable to tolerate gluten without severe gastro-intestinal effects.  Shelley Case, RD, originally wrote The Gluten Free Diet to help those people, but since then many people who don’t necessarily have full-blown celiac disease are following the diet.  The widespread public interest has catapulted Shelley to international fame as a gluten-free expert.  Which she most certainly is.  One look at her book and you realize how much work went into it.  From alternative foods to the details of labeling regulations, GF certifications, product resources and a thorough discussion of whether or not oats are gluten-free, this book is the bible of gluten-free eating.

You can purchase Shelley’s book at her website, or on Amazon.  The website has lots of information, and you can sign up for the free newsletter.  She promises another edition soon, after the FDA finalizes GF labeling regulations.

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