Author interview: Rosanne Rust, MS RD

Today’s podcast is an interview with Rosanne Rust, MS RD LDN who co-authored the book Calorie Counter Journal for Dummies.  She’s also author of Restaurant Calorie Counter for Dummies and Hypertension Cookbook for Dummies.

The books are definitely not for dummies of course.  Rosanne and I discussed the reasons for keeping a food journal, and the ways her book can help users learn to be more aware of their food intake, so they can work on meeting goals for weight or health concerns like high cholesterol or high blood pressure.

There’s good evidence that people who keep a food journal are more successful at meeting their diet goals.  The problem is that people who are more likely to be successful are typically the ones who are willing to make the effort to keep a journal.  The hard part is convincing unmotivated people to start keeping a journal.  As Rosanne points out, you don’t necessarily have to keep journaling your food intake for years.  A week here, or a few days there might be enough to keep you on track, with the occasional diet tune up.

Rosanne has lots of other insights into the process of food journaling, which can help even the unmotivated person get started.  You can find her book at

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