12 slightly unconventional nutrition resolutions for 2012

No more diet resolutions!

While everyone else is making the same old tired diet resolutions (which they will inevitably fail to keep), you can make 2012 a year for healthier eating, using these resolutions:

  1. Stop feeling guilty about not cooking everything from scratch.  Or not cooking at all.  With all the healthier options in convenience and restaurant choices, it’s not necessary to cook for healthy eating.  And now not cooking is NOT an excuse for just eating a junky diet, because ‘only home cooked food is healthy.’  No excuse.
  2. Make better choices when you dine out.  Like I said above, there are plenty of good options these days.
  3. Do not resolve to go on yet another diet.  In fact, banish the word “diet” from your conversation.
  4. Wean your taste buds from overly sweetened foods and beverages of all kinds.  All that excess sweetness dulls your taste buds, and you get hooked on more and more sweetness.
  5. Resolve to eat healthier.  Forever, not just for the first week of January.
  6. Eat real food; avoid highly processed products, full of fake fats and fake sweeteners, flavorings, colorings, thickeners and preservatives.
  7. Have a veggie or fruit-centric meal every day.  Example: a big vegetable stir fry with some meat, or a tossed salad with grated cheese and nuts, or a fruit salad with yoghurt.
  8. Stop giving up foods.  You just end up demonizing them and making them more attractive and harder to resist.
  9. Throw out all your fad diet books.  Never buy another one.
  10. Get your nutrition information from expert sources (like me), not from the evening news or some internet hype/sales pitch, or from the front of a food package.
  11. Unless you have been officially diagnosed with celiac disease, by an actual doctor, stop worrying about gluten.
  12. When dining out, ask for half size portions, even if they’re not listed on the menu.
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