10 Nutritious stocking stuffers

fill them with health

A jokey conversation yesterday about the appeal of straight cod liver oil to manly men turned into an idea about a potential stocking stuffer.  Which led to more ideas about healthy stocking stuffers:

  1. Cod liver oil – well you can’t argue with the health aspects, even if the unmasked flavor is a bit… strong.  Cod liver oil is loaded with vitamin D, vitamin A and omega-3 fats.  The vitamin A is in the biologically active form, and for that reason it’s not something to overdose on.  Whether you’re taking pills or liquid, follow package directions.
  2. Dark chocolate: you have to splurge to get really good stuff.  My current favorite brand is Lindt, for flavor and for interesting varieties like chili and sea salt.
  3. Quality snack bars: Kind, Larabars and Boomi Bars (soon to be Rise Bars) are decent choices.
  4. Box of herbal tea bags: chamomile and mint would be good choices at this time of year
  5. A new stainless steel water bottle
  6. Sugarless gum – apparently chewing gum makes you smarter; it also burns a tiny amount of calories
  7. An orange, tangerine or clementine
  8. A gift certificate for a consultation with a nutrition expert – a registered dietitian who specializes in issues that affect your gift recipient.  Perhaps weight control, sports performance, blood lipids or cancer recovery.
  9. A package of sun dried tomatoes – I know, weird.  But for people who love tomato flavor, and miss fresh tomatoes in winter, dried tomatoes make a wonderful addition to green salads.
  10. A pedometer.  While not strictly nutritious, pedometers can be a nice reminder to get up off your butt and move every day, key to burning calories and weight management.

That should fill up the average stocking, and appeal to health-conscious foodies on Santa’s list.  I will definitely be giving cod liver oil to a certain person, and I may give some to myself.  In gel cap form.

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