5 Power Foods for Mom

Motherhood is exhausting.

Moms are busy people, and much of what they do is mentally and physically demanding and exhausting.  Also unpaid and invisible.  Moms need to be mentally and physically fit to keep up with all that responsibility.  Here are 5 Power Foods for Moms:

  1. Plain water: stay hydrated.  You’ll feel better.
  2. Yoghurt: protein, calcium, probiotics.  Just stay away from the excessively sugary stuff
  3. Greens: dark greens are packed with good stuff like minerals, fiber and vitamins, not to mention flavor.  They’re great cooked, (alone or in combination, like spinach lasagna) or as salad.
  4. Nuts: protein, minerals, healthy fats and great flavors.  Eat them for snacks or sprinkle on cooked cereal or salads
  5. Whole grain bread: I’m talking about the dense and chewy artisanal loaves, not the caramel-colored “wheat” loaf bread in the grocery stores.  That stuff gives whole wheat a bad name.

Keep your power revved up with physical activity, too.  Good for your mood, your muscles and your overall health.  It doesn’t have to be a gym workout in expensive exercise clothes, or a sweaty jog.  There are plenty of activities that keep your muscles moving, such as:

  • dance
  • gardening
  • walking for transportation
  • walking the dog
  • pushing the baby stroller
  • waking with baby in a back pack
  • strolling around the farmer’s market
  • swimming
  • yoga
  • leisurely bike ride

You can probably think of other activities you do every day or every week that keep you active.  The one thing that clearly doesn’t keep you fit: sitting.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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