Bonus – 6th sign of a bad diet

“Money Back Guarantee!”  Wow, that sure sounds good.  How could a company make that guarantee if the product didn’t work?

Here’s how: you will be asked to prove you did absolutely everything the diet or product told you to do.  Did you read the fine print on that miracle pill?  It likely says the pill has to be used along with a low calorie diet and exercise program.  Did you read absolutely everything about the fad diet plan?  It probably has all kinds of specific menu and portion recommendations.  Can you prove you followed all of them exactly?  How would you prove that?  How would you prove you didn’t cheat somewhere?  Answer: you can’t prove any of that.

Here’s another catch: how does the company define the success of the product?  Weight loss, any weight loss at all?  Well, if you only lost a pound or two, that might equal “success” and you don’t get your money back.  If you lost 20 pounds, that’s success, even if you quickly regain all the weight.

Companies that make this offer are counting on something else: you’d be too embarrassed to ask for your money back, no matter how unsuccessful you were with their product or diet.  Asking for money back is a big hassle, especially when you bought the product off the internet or by mail from some anonymous source.

What is diet success anyway?  If you think it’s just losing weight, you’d be wrong.  Success is losing weight and keeping it off. Permanently.  If you just regain all the weight, do you blame yourself?  You should be blaming the diet.  A good diet is a plan for permanent lifestyle change, that makes healthy diet a normal part of every day.  But companies selling fad products are counting on you thinking only about weight loss, not about permanent lifestyle change.  They know you’ll blame yourself for regaining weight, and will be too embarrassed to ask for your money back.

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