5 Signs Your Diet Won’t Work

The official start of summer and bathing suit season seems means people are thinking about dieting: the diet they meant to start back at New Years.  Oops.  Swim suit season is upon us, and a quick crash diet might look like a better option than that slow and steady weight loss you vowed to accomplish back in January.  So if you’re thinking about quick weight loss, here are some warning signs that your fad diet won’t result in healthy and permanent weight loss.

  1. “No need to exercise!” – if a diet makes this claim, run screaming in the opposite direction.  This is false.
  2. “Eat the foods you like” or “No need to change your food choices” – now think about that.  Your current food choices apparently made you overweight.  How can you lose weight without changing those habits?
  3. “Magic fat-burning ingredients” – this might come as a pill, a drink, a powder or as some special combination of foods.  The special product promises to boost metabolism or suppress hunger and appetite.  Drug companies are racing to develop prescription drugs that do exactly that.  However, at the moment the few approved drugs create only modest weight loss.   Any over-the-counter products making such a claim contain various combinations of caffeine, green tea, fiber and some herbal ingredients.
  4. “Eat your way thin”.  The false promise is that you can eat lots of the foods you like, yet magically lose weight.  This only works if your food preferences are limited to vegetables and fish.
  5. “Weight loss secret!” Honestly, do you think if something really worked – some diet or pill or powder or ingredient – it would stay a secret for more than 10 seconds in this world?

Dieters have been falling for these false promises for years, spending money on books, pills, and special foods and drinks.  Yet despite the promises and money,  the obesity rate keeps going up, spreading now to children.   If any of these diet claims are true, where are all the thin people?

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