Stuffed pumpkin for a vegetarian Thanksgiving

Nothing says “meat” like Thanksgiving dinner.  Turkey is the culinary and visual center of the meal.  Until relatively recently, being vegetarian at Thanksgiving was likely to bring hostile or incredulous stares.  Long ago, I brought a vegetarian person to a Thanksgiving dinner, and that’s exactly what happened.  Now vegetarian dining is more mainstream, but I […]

The meatless sandwich

Say the word “sandwich” and what comes to mind?  Ham, cheese?  Tuna?  Roast beef?  Turkey?  Sandwiches typically feature meat and/or cheese, making them a major source of protein.  So what do you do if you’re vegetarian or vegan?  How do you pack protein into a meatless sandwich? Well, there’s always PB & J, or even […]

Umami flavor boosters for meatless meals

Plant-based umami flavor boosters If there’s one thing that discourages people from adopting meatless meals is the lack of the rich umami flavor that’s unique to meat and dairy foods like cheese.  Plant protein foods just don’t have that flavor kick.  Foods like legumes, quinoa, chia, whole grains and tofu are pretty bland on their […]

Food of the week: mukimame

Muki – what? I thought the same thing when I saw it in the freezer section of the grocery.  Basically mukimame is shelled edamame.  Edamame is soy beans in the pod, picked green.  Sort of like green beans, but soy beans.  You don’t eat the pods, so eating edamame is an adventure, stripping out the […]

Pot pies as health food

Pot pies aren’t high on my shopping list.  Actually they aren’t anywhere on it.  But I started thinking about them after learning that consumers think pot pies are healthy.  That data comes from a consumer survey done by a large food company.  That company is in the business of making food products that people want […]

Meatless Monday or Meat-Free Monday

It’s Monday, so it must be Meatless.  The contemporary Meatless Monday campaign has been gaining momentum since it started almost 10 years ago.  The goal is the cut meat consumption as a means of improving health and reducing fossil fuel and water use for livestock agriculture.  Both goals are admirable, although I think the environmental impact […]

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