Bulgur: quick, tasty, versatile and whole grain

Do the long cooking times for whole grains put you off from serving them?  Try bulgur.  It’s the one whole grain that cooks up in about 15 minutes.  Actually it’s not “whole” in the sense that the wheat berries are intact.  Bulgur is made by parboiling wheat grains and then cracking them after they dry. […]

Should you add eggs to your vegan diet?

A vegan diet is not without inherent nutritional problems.  B12, vitamin D, choline and long chain omega-3 fats come to mind.  Then there’s zinc, calcium and iron.  You can find those minerals in plant foods, but they’re typically in a different chemical form and harder to absorb than from animal-source foods.  Being vegan 40 or […]

Featured food: tofu

An ancient food for modern times As I said last week, when it comes to meatless dining, I’m opposed to fake meat.  But I am not opposed to tofu, a versatile high protein plant food that blends with plenty of flavorful dishes.  Another benefit: tofu is much easier to deal with than messy raw meat […]

Featured food: refried beans

The Bad News about refried beans: They aren’t photogenic.  Other than that, they’re great! Refried beans have come a long way from the traditional take-it-or-leave-it version, made with lard.  There’s plenty of choices now, available in most grocery stores: regular, made with added fat like bacon fat vegetarian, made with added vegetable fat low fat/nonfat […]

Thanksgiving dilemma: what to feed vegetarians

Say the word “Thanksgiving” and the first thing that comes to mind is “Turkey”.  It’s so ingrained in our culture, I’m sure even vegans think “turkey”.  But of course, they won’t eat it.  Which bring up an increasingly common dilemma at the Thanksgiving table: what to feed the vegetarians and vegans.  I’ve got some ideas […]

‘Blending Science with Spices’ – author interview with Gita Patel MS RD

http://radionutrition.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/RNinterviewPatel.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 18:26 — 8.4MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS If you think Indian food is all about curry powder and ghee, think again.  Indian spices turn plant foods into delicious meals, but it can sound complicated and intimidating to inexperienced cooks.  Registered dietitian Gita Patel is out to […]

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