Inheriting eating disorders Play in new window | Download (Duration: 6:32 — 3.0MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSI don’t envy parents of teens today.  Raising teenagers can be difficult enough without adding all the issues unique to our times.  There’s one problem that’s not new: eating disorders.  They’ve been around for a very long time.  Long […]

Jackfruit as a tasty meat alternative

Or “How to make chicken tacos without the chicken”… Wait. What!? That’s exactly what I thought about a year ago when I was introduced to a new food that totally blew my meat-loving mind. During an event at my college last year, I heard a girl was making some delicious tacos and was using some kind […]

Vegan cookies for the holidays

More adventures with aquafaba. I realize cookies aren’t exactly something a nutrition expert should be celebrating, but I love cookies.  I’d bake them everyday if there was someone else to eat them up.  Lacking that, I wait until December to start baking a revolving repertoire of Christmas cookies.  I’ve got old favorites, but always feel […]

Red lentil chickpea soup

..a new favorite I’d recently used the liquid from a can of chickpeas to make aquafaba for a vegan pumpkin pie experiment, so I had to do something with the chickpeas.  By happy coincidence, I found a recipe for Red Lentil Chickpea Stew.  This is a great high protein and very filling dish for vegetarians and […]

Vegan pumpkin pie

I came across an article about vegan Thanksgiving desserts recently.  Some of them were just traditional dessert dishes, such as fruit crisp, tweaked slightly to omit butter.  One was a god-awful invention that was going to involve hours of preparation, lots of dirty dishes, all for a very questionable result: Coconut Parsnip Tart.  Why?  Why […]

Iron from meatless diets

When it comes to meatless diets and children, parents worry about protein and iron.  Both are legitimate concerns, and iron is especially critical for growing teens and children and women of child bearing age.  Iron is essential for red blood cell formation and function.  Meat is one of the top sources of dietary iron.  The […]

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