Vegan pumpkin pie

I came across an article about vegan Thanksgiving desserts recently.  Some of them were just traditional dessert dishes, such as fruit crisp, tweaked slightly to omit butter.  One was a god-awful invention that was going to involve hours of preparation, lots of dirty dishes, all for a very questionable result: Coconut Parsnip Tart.  Why?  Why […]

Iron from meatless diets

When it comes to meatless diets and children, parents worry about protein and iron.  Both are legitimate concerns, and iron is especially critical for growing teens and children and women of child bearing age.  Iron is essential for red blood cell formation and function.  Meat is one of the top sources of dietary iron.  The […]

Where’s the protein?

Sometimes when I look at vegetarian recipes, the first thing that pops into my mind is “Where’s the beef?“, a phrase from a famous Wendy’s commercial in the early 1980’s (truly, you have to see it to appreciate it).  I’m not looking for beef obviously; I’m looking for protein.  “Where’s the protein?” isn’t as catchy, […]

Top 4 plant-based cuisines

The term “plant-based diet” can be confusing or possibly threatening to some people.  They like eating meat; “plant-based” sounds like giving up something they like.  There’s a judgmental aspect to it.  The other problem for people eating typical Western diets, is that the standard cuisine is meat-oriented.  Meat-and-potatoes meals are the norm.  If you give […]

Aquafaba Magic

Turning Bean Water into Egg Whites While my strict vegan days are behind me (along with my flip phone and feather hair extensions) my preference towards a plant-based lifestyle remains. I enjoy finding ways to reduce my “food footprint” and I respect the inherent sustainability in following a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. As an RD-to […]

Torta di ceci or Bean Bread

With time on my hands, no ideas for dinner and a bag of garbanzo flour I’d bought expressly for this purpose I finally tried making Torta di ceci, or farinata.  It’s described as a traditional Italian street food; basically it’s a large thin pancake made with garbanzo flour.  I was certainly curious, since I can’t […]

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