The #1 best New Year’s diet resolution

No, it’s not “Lose weight in 2015”. Are you a New Year’s Resolution list maker?  Or do you prefer making one resolution and sticking to it?  Earlier this year, I wrote about a woman who made one resolution last January: to cut out sugar.  She’s now almost 60 lbs lighter.  Perhaps having just one do-able […]

Featured food: natural pork

It’s hard to find pork that isn’t injected with salt water. A funny line in a TV show caught my attention recently: a family was eating dinner, and one of the characters remarked that pork just wasn’t the same anymore since they took all the fat out of it.  Amen. I think about that when […]

You may now eat steak

New Flash: processed meats are high in salt.  Another news flash: fresh unprocessed meats are not high in salt.  When researchers compared intake of processed vs. fresh meat to heart disease risk they discovered that, lumping all “meat” together isn’t a good idea.  Apparently processed meat intake is linked to increased risk for heart disease […]

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