Greta Macey, dietetic intern

Greta Macey is a dietetic intern at Tri-County Health Department. She moved to Denver summer of 2016 after completing a Bachelor of Science in General Dietetics at California State University, Chico. She was drawn to the internship at Tri-County for its focus in public health and addressing disparities in food access and healthcare. So far, Colorado has been an easy transition with plenty of places to eat, explore and be entertained.

Greta is passionate about increasing access to fresh foods and nutrition education for all populations. She would like to work alongside families facing socioeconomic challenges to build confidence and self-efficacy regarding nutrition and increasing physical activity. As an advocate of Health At Every Size, she hopes to be a registered dietitian that promotes healthy relationships with all foods; from kale to krispy kremes. She believes in balance and honoring one’s body through nourishing foods and physical activity that is enjoyable.

In her free time, Greta enjoys trail running and hiking, exploring museums and checking out the many breweries of Colorado. She is a certified pilates instructor and plans to become certified in indoor cycling. She knows every line of The Sound of Music and can eat an entire watermelon in one day (although she doesn’t recommend it!).

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