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5 nutrition worries of moms

.. and how to let go of them. Moms are the warriors on the front lines of nutrition for the family.  OK, I realize many dads are also involved with this, but the majority of nutritional vigilance gets done by moms, starting with breastfeeding, a choice made at least in part because breast milk is […]

pizza and wine

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eggplant medley

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If your diet works, good for you Play in new window | Download (Duration: 6:34 — 3.0MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSAfter writing about a recent study on intermittent fasting, I wanted to follow up on some thoughts about diets in general.  Plenty of people are trying to lose weight, and are eager to believe the latest fad weight loss scheme […]

Is intermittent fasting that great?

If you’ve ever been very sick, very busy, stressed and anxious or on a demanding work deadline or otherwise preoccupied you’ve probably done so-called intermittent fasting.  For a day or two, you eat very little.  Then you go back to normal eating.  What happens to people all the time, due to circumstances, now has a […]

Save those cheese rinds!

One of the most unfortunate problems with meatless cookery — to me anyway — is broth.  Call it stock, broth or whatever, properly prepared broth adds essential flavor to all manner of liquid-based recipes, from soup to sauces to cooked grains.  And for vegetarians and vegans, cooked grains and beans are an essential part of […]

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