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The vegan omega-3 dilemma

For most people, vegetarian and vegan diets have a health halo.  The benefits are numerous, from reduced risk for chronic diseases to weight loss to better digestive function.  But there are plenty of potentially adverse nutritional consequences to consider.  Intake of several nutrients could be compromised without careful planning: iron protein calcium zinc B12 vitamin […]

Ice Cream Nutrition

The title sounds like an oxymoron. For me, summer is prime time for ice cream.  Along with fresh seasonal fruit, it’s the perfect treat for a hot summer day.  But we all know it’s a high sugar, high fat, high calorie food.  Not exactly a description that conjures thoughts of nutrition.  Nevertheless, it has nutrients […]

Aqua Fresca for summer hydration

Hot days call for serious hydration.  Other than plain water, my new favorite solution is aqua fresca, also known as Aquas de Fruitas.  It’s an icy blend of fresh fruit and ice cubes, although the traditional recipes may use flowers, cereal grains or seeds.  My preference is fruit. The beauty of aqua fresca is that […]

Rainier cherries

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olives and bread

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Adult gummy multivitamins

They took the “multi” out of multivitamins. Nutrition is now about candy.  Chewable gummy candy multivitamins are now for adults of all shapes and sizes.  Young adult, older adult, pregnant, women, men.  The first question that comes to mind is “Why?”  Are gummies especially good vehicles for some nutrients?  Is there some unrecognized widespread problem […]

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