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Cheesecake Factory in China Play in new window | Download (Duration: 4:56 — 2.3MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS Exporting the American norm of excess food Anyone who has traveled the world knows that U.S.-based franchise restaurants know no borders.  You can find McDonald’s in India and Starbucks in Paris.  Kentucky Fried Chicken is extremely popular in […]

Vegan cookies for the holidays

More adventures with aquafaba. I realize cookies aren’t exactly something a nutrition expert should be celebrating, but I love cookies.  I’d bake them everyday if there was someone else to eat them up.  Lacking that, I wait until December to start baking a revolving repertoire of Christmas cookies.  I’ve got old favorites, but always feel […]

Plant-based gift giving

Research shows over and over that plant-based eating is the best long-term strategy to maximize health.  But the concept of “plant-based eating” can be confusing and vague.  There really aren’t any widely accepted rules about how we define that type of diet.  People tend to think of it as vegetarian or even vegan, but that’s […]

Red lentil chickpea soup

..a new favorite I’d recently used the liquid from a can of chickpeas to make aquafaba for a vegan pumpkin pie experiment, so I had to do something with the chickpeas.  By happy coincidence, I found a recipe for Red Lentil Chickpea Stew.  This is a great high protein and very filling dish for vegetarians and […]

The 12 Lattes of December

Just when I thought lattes couldn’t get any weirder…. Starbucks is now selling Chestnut Praline Lattes.  Pumpkin Spice lattes are so yesterday.  Coffee shops are falling all over themselves to entice customers with new taste sensations.  Now you can choose from peppermint, gingerbread, cinnamon, sugar cookie, eggnog, brown sugar shortbread and chestnut.  The chestnut one […]

orange slices

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